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Brief LA Arboretum Visit

We never do the LA Arboretum justice.  It is the location for the Intercity C&S show, and the show (and August heat) is usually so overwhelming we spend only a brief amount of time in the garden.  

Our visit this time was typically brief, even though the temperature was quite tolerable--the low 80s F (~27 C).  One memorable (though not in a good way) Intercity was over 100F (~38 C)--at 9am.

The Madagascar garden is just a few seconds walk from the Show building.  I always enjoy seeing the Bismarkia palms.  We have a baby potted Bismarkia at home.   We're going to need a bigger garden:  Across from that Bismarkia is the Madagascar Thorn Forest trail.  Dypsis decaryi in flower, with a Xerosicyos daguyi climbing its fronds.
We also have a Xerosicyos at home, but it is far smaller.
What a guy!
Their Aloe suzannae is troubled by fungal infections.  I'm going to treat mine with a systemic fungicide before the rainy season.
The Pachypodiums were in flower.
This was a magnificent Aloe v…

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