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Austin Fling 2018: Inspirations, Ideas and Hippo Eyes

During the Fling, I was in awe a lot of the time

 Many garden ideas, inspirations--or lessons, if you will--from the many beautiful Austin Fling gardens.   Here are some I spotted, in no particular order.

1. Don't leave odd bits sitting in a drawer.  Add them to a garden gate, door, or fence.  

Vegan taxidermy? 
2. A, flattish, low area of a garden, wanderable, the savanna of our distant ancestors--fulfills something like the same function of a lawn--openness, spaciousness--without the mowing, blowing, fertilizing, and heavy watering. 

Here's a lone "tree" in a "lawn" of flowers, but more alive, more supportive of birds, butterflies, (and vases).
3. Plant something for the butterflies, please!
If you plant it, they will come. 

4.  That collection of something you love that can be displayed outdoors?  Empty those drawers and closets.  This gardener placed his childhood rock, fossil, and mineral collection into a stone wall where he can enjoy it every day. 
A she…

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