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Drag Queen For A Day

When a plant is too heavy to carry, it can possibly be dragged.  Today, I was drag queen.

While pondering the privacy screen situation for the new pergola, it occurred to me moving some of the often-moved 'Green Tower' boxwood to the area immediately behind the pergola would solve two problems--first, boosting the screening, until I can figure out the Pittosporum situation, and second, providing a better place for the boxwood, which here in Southern California are much happier with some shade.

This plant was the heaviest and largest.  The root balls are like thick pancakes--not deep, but heavy because the roots are fine and hold the soil.  I make an effort to get the entire root ball undisturbed.  It was easy.  This area is a former compost pile location and the soil is as soft and rich as warm butter.  Dug out...
Dig the new location's hole and add water...
Replant, and water in.  (Yes, that Epidendrum on the left desperately needs re-potting.  Don't nag.)
Plant, …

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