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Another Gorgeous Day, Unfortunately

Another pruning bouquet above.  ('Wildfire', 'Brass Band', 'Molineux' and 'Julia Child')

Pruning continued on a gorgeous 78F (25C) day.  Rain would be better, of course, but might as well enjoy the gorgeous.  I also moved some plants around.  Moved 'Cinco de Mayo' here because it wasn't worthy of the prime spot it had been in.  Nice flowers, but not a lot of them, and the plant itself was not overly attractive. 
Of course complications ensued--there's an irrigation pipe right where it should not be.  I broke it planting 'Cinco', and digging out 'Cinco', I broke it again.  Purple line is how the pipe ran,  pink circle around the broken pipe.  I'm going to move it so this doesn't happen again.  Stupid place for an irrigation pipe! Planted a dozen Liatris spicata tubers, roughly where the red circle is in the next photo.  I had Liatris for several years back in the 00s, and it was a nice summer (I think) bloomer.  Goph…

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