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Fall Foliage? (Mostly--Feathers, Too)

See it?  That blush of reddishness?  A tiny bit of fall foliage color!  If we get a cold night or two and have not had a hot October, we may get a bit of foliage color.  Not this year--2017's October was Hotober.  

Out in the garden I've been moving this and planting that, and observing foliage in between digs.  

From the all-it-takes-is-lots-of-water file,  the volunteer fern that appeared in the top of the koi pond shower has filled the entire space.  No foliage damage at all to this fern in full sun, even during our horrific Hotober heat waves. 
 The after same miserable Hotober, foliage on 'Spider's Web' Fatsia: scorched in places and disappointingly un-webby.  The mid-century modern chandelier shapes of the flowers are somewhat of a consolation.  Somewhat.

Sideritis 2.0.  For its first two years the original was a gorgeous plant.  The third year it lost its perfection, brown at the base, but it produced some perfect seedlings, like this one:

A hummingbird appear…

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