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How Is Grapoveria 'Fred Ives' Doing This Spring?

Graptoveria 'Fred Ives' loves this garden.  

With Grevillea and Dymondia...
...and Agaves, Kalanchoe, Gaillardia...
...with Geranium 'Rozanne', even.
...and all by itself, newly planted.
In a basket with sedum and a stuffed monkey
Growing from fallen leaves, in deep shade.  The scars on the oldest leaves are from our hail storm of a few months ago.  Fred grew new leaves.  Soon the old ones will be hidden by the new.    
Rose 'Bolero' drops petals on 'Fred', but 'Fred' doesn't mind.
This spot is very hot and very dry.  'Fred' is stressed, but growing and blooming anyway..
These 'Fred's are in full shade except at noon, when they get one hour of blazing sun.  Note the difference from the foliage color above, and that the plant is blooming here, too.
No 'Fred's in here...uh...except that little plant pointed to by the white arrow. 
'Fred' even crests his way through the fence.
  It takes some years before it becomes appa…

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