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No-Palm Sunday, Hello Joy Creek Clematis

 No more dead fronds falling and hitting me in the head, or snapping off Syzygium branches.  No fronds smashing the aloes in the aloe nursery.  No more endless, constant pulling of palm seedlings (well, in a few years...). No rats and squirrels running up and down the trunk, jeering.  No wondering if the Palms are going to fall on the house due to a Santa Ana wind event.  Or catch fire like a giant match.  The Syzygium hedge can straighten up and grow right instead of leaning out of the way of the palms leaning over them.
Palmless.  That's better.
The garden is starting to dry out.  I miss the rain.  The tougher flowers are still going strong...

...however yesterday was a miserable 90F.  This is what happens to roses:
A cheer-up:  new plant purchase.   The mailman delivered three Joy Creek Clematis:  'Blekitny Aniol', 'Venosa Violacaea', and 'Moonlight'.   Beautiful quality plants with lots of roots.  No tiny rooted cuttings they.   Thank you, Joy Creek!

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